10 common pitfalls to avoid when ordering promotional gifts


Always ask for a sample if you have time and use it yourself – products can be very different in reality when compared to a catalogue image

Thanks for the gift, but how do I use it? – It may be obvious to you that the gift is a power bank/iPad stand/travel plug but you’d be amazed at how many people ask this question! Think about including an explanation or some instructions, especially with gadget accessories

Think about packaging – good packaging adds value and leaves a good impression, bad packaging can devalue a great gift



Colours on the screen can look very different to colours in real life – work with pantone references to avoid a big discrepancy and avoid dark colours on a dark background

Make sure that your artwork is not too small to read - print your proof at 100% so that you can see an accurate size representation 

Shading or light colours on a dark background require additional processes and costs – send us your artwork for an accurate quote


Production and Delivery Deadlines

Lost couriers and city traffic can be unavoidable at times – Aim for delivery at least a day or 2 in advance of your event

Delays in approval lead to delivery delays - If you’re out the office ask someone to approve artwork for you and answer queries to avoid missing production slots.

Avoid last minute changes where possible – aim to get your visuals approved internally before placing your order to avoid delays to production and delivery.



Goods can take up more space than you expect! -  If you have a large order, especially at an event, make sure that you have space to store everything away.