5 ways to get up close and personal with your prospects


Are you struggling to get the attention that you crave from prospects online?

Running out of ideas for yet more exciting content?

Fed up with having the digital door quietly closed in your face?

Why not try a different approach?

Here are 5 ways that Shout can help you to get positive attention and plenty of guaranteed likes and shares in the most intimate moments:

  1. In the car

Not only will your logo be much appreciated on these cool sunshades on a sunny day, it will gain exposure the length and breadth of the country.


     2.   On the beach


Wrap your prospect in soft comfort with your logo on their favourite beach towel when they are most relaxed.

  3. In the bathroom

This waterproof blue tooth speaker will give you maximum exposure in the shower!

  4.  During Dinner

Your brand will be a talking point at any dinner party on this show stopping electric pepper mill.


5. In bed


Your logo could be the last thing your prospect sees before going to sleep printed onto this simple but extremely useful reading light.

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