Christmas 2014: Why Giving Corporate Gifts Should Be Top of Your List

Hate Christmas shopping? Stressed about sourcing corporate gifts for your company? Don’t worry, here at Shout we’ll cure the headache of ordering Christmas gifts for your clients. We’ve helped countless marketing managers find creative and thoughtful Christmas gifts, so why don’t you let us do it for you. 

The experience of gift giving can be seen as the foundation for building and strengthening relationships. Therefore, by sending your client thoughtful gifts at Christmas you’re not just sending them a thank you present, you’re also looking to strengthen and build upon your existing working relationship.


No one size fits all

The first step in maximizing the impact of corporate gifts is to choose the right gift for your recipients. This is because the gifts you purchase should be tailored towards the relationship you hold with the recipient. For example, you’re not going to give a manager of one of your top clients the same present as you would for a prospect. Therefore it is vital that you take a ‘no one size fits all’ approach when sourcing your Christmas gifts. As well, you probably don’t have an unlimited budget so you must allocate your marketing budget accordingly to prioritize your top clients, and then you can accommodate the rest of your list with an alternative low cost option.

Increase Your Brand’s Prestige

One of the greatest benefits of handing out promo gifts to your clients is that it shows your commitment to your business. You’re not just willing to settle for the standard holiday messages sent out via e-mail or through your social media channels. Instead by lending your company name and logo to a useful and high quality item it can say a lot about the expertise of your brand. Therefore any corporate gift has the ability to increase your prestige and exposure of your brand amongst your customer base.

Be relevant, be thoughtful

A fantastic way of getting the most out of your Christmas gifts is to tailor them towards your client’s industry. For example, if you are sending gifts to an IT company then why don’t you send them a bespoke powerbank in the shape of your logo, that way anytime in which the recipent needs to charge their phone on the move, they will turn to your product for help. That is worth its weight in gold, and will almost certainly make your customer sit up and take notice of the time and effort you’ve put into your presents.  

Personalise Your Gifts

Finally do something special for your clients this Christmas by personalising their gift. For example, the Shout team could personalise a luggage tag with an engraved individual name, or perhaps imprint chocolates with your team members’ faces and favourite flavours. By personalising a gift it shows that you are willing to go that extra mile to please your client, a sweet gesture that is a sure sign to put you above your competitors. 

So choose the Shout team this Christmas and make a lasting impact with your corporate gifts.