How to maximise the impact of your stand using promotional merchandise

Use these four ideas to give you the boost you need to make your next event an incredible one.

1.        Stand out from the crowd

How do you make your booth stand out in a sea of competition? Catch someone’s eye with brightly coloured clothing, products and displays. If your brand has a softer colour palette then branded balloons in the shape of a logo, or a particular product offering, is a creative way of drawing interest.

Shout’s Suggestion: To generate buzz and excitement on the day incorporate a task or game. For example, at an event last year we provided a “hook the duck” game with branded toy ducks, and this created a lot of interest.


2.     Create a walking advertisement

There is no question that giving away promotional items at your trade show will give you the ability to attract more visitors to your stand. People are going to be walking around, keeping an eye out for the best promotional products, so giveaway items that will attract visitors such as, hats, beach balls and lilos.

Shout’s Suggestion: Everyone looks out for the best giveaway bag at events so make sure yours is one that everyone will want. Try giving away the eye-catching Digi-bag, and your stand will be swamped by visitors.

3.    The After Thought

Now I’m sure that those who have visited your stand have been intrigued with what your product or service has to offer. Although to develop this lead into a sale you need to come up with an effective follow up strategy. So while your competitors catalogues start to collect dust on the shelves, your branded gift needs to be one that will be remembered.

Shout’s Suggestion: We all know that walking around trade shows hurts your feet, right? So show your caring side by giving away branded plasters or a foot care kit at your next event. When your visitor empties their bag this will be the item that they'll appreciate, and might be just the thing that attracts them to call you.



4.    Enhance social media campaigns with merchandise

Everyone uses social media nowadays so to set yourself out amongst your competition you need to do something different. For example, we worked with a high-end travel company to whom we provided branded sunglasses. Attendees would then take selfies and tag the client; as a result this generated huge publicity online - a very creative way of integrating merchandise with social channels.

Shout’s Suggestion: Try running a competition that integrates your merchandise and social media channels. Also ask all of those who enter the competition to “like” or “follow” your page – this can help you target customers with future merchandise campaigns.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in incorporating promotional marketing into your next event look out for our tradeshow mini guide, available at our Mayfair Showcase on 3rd March 2015.