Promotional Merchandise: Frequently Asked Questions Part. 1

If you’re new to the promotional scene you might not be familiar with the vocabulary used in the industry. For example, do you know the difference between a visual and a proof? If not I suggest you definitely continue reading. Here you’ll find all the answers to our customers most frequently asked questions.

Q. What is an artwork proof?

A. We always email you a PDF visual before we print any order and do not proceed until you are 100% happy with the proof. Standard proofs with vector artwork or text take approx. 2 working days, other files may take a little longer. 

                               An example of an artwork proof

Q. Can I make changes to my artwork once I have approved the proof?

A. Once the artwork proof is approved it is difficult to make changes. If the order has progressed to the printing stage then you will not be able to make any changes.  If the order has not yet progressed to the printing stage you may be able to make changes but there will be an extra charge to do so.  If your order is required for a specific date changes may not be possible due to production times. 

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. If the order has not yet reached the printing stage then you can cancel the order. There will be a cancelation fee; this will depend on how far the order has progressed. 

Q. What’s the difference between a visual and artwork? 

A. A visual is a mock-up of how your logo will look on an item. It is not an official document and will not contain any details (print colours, size, etc.) A proof is the official document that needs to be approved so the order can progress to the printing stage. This document will include detail such as print area, print size, and print colour.

Q. Do I pay for the visual?

A. The first visual is free of charge. If lots of changes are required then the designer may charge for further visuals. 

Q. What is a pre-production proof?

A. A pre-production proof is an actual sample of the item you are ordering with your imprint, and this is available for most products. This is recommended when you have plenty of time. Upon approval of the pre-production proof, your items will be manufactured with the standard production time. 

Q. What is a pantone colour?

A.  Pantone colours are a colour system of over 1200 standard colours developed by Pantone, Inc.  They are recognised and used by printers throughout the World.  Pantone colours can be categorised as either Uncoated (U) or Coated (C).  When personalising in other ways, such as embroidery, pantone numbers are not necessary available in threads but provide a good basis for colour matching.

           A selection of colors from the Pantone colour chart

Wrapping Up

Next week we'll continue to explore some more of your questions. Look out for the difference between a 'PDF' and 'EPS' file to the various charges applied to production. Don't miss out on Part 2.