Meet The Team

Team 1

Carrie Benn - Director

Carrie is always enthusiastic and supportive in everything we do. She is fun, intelligent, approachable and always laughing! Her friendly and happy nature makes her a pleasure to work with.
Carrie looks after the following: HR, operations, suppliers, customer service & product development

Rosie Crump - Senior Sales Coordinator

Rosie is very helpful, cheerful and friendly- and she always has perfect nails! She is highly precise, extremely reliable, organised and focused. She’s so efficient and such a lovely person to work with.
Rosie looks after quoting & order processing and supervisor to sales coordinators.

Kate Heward- Account Executive

Where were we before Kate? She’s hilarious, kind and full of amazing ideas!  She always goes the extra mile and is always thinking outside the box! Her creativity and passion fit in so well with the Shout team.
Kate looks after external sales, quoting and order processing

Team 2

Fran Stobart - Director

Fran is an inspirational person to work with, she is always calm with an ‘everything is possible’ approach to life.  Fran is forward thinking and driven with boundless passion for the industry.
Fran looks after the following: Marketing, technology, facilities, strategy, finance, sales

Lauren McLeod - Operations Manager

Lauren is a rock in our company, having been with us for over six years now she is the Shout Oracle. She is extremely organised, super-efficient and focused as well as brave- she’s got some amazing tattoos. Loves a spread sheet- hates mistakes!
Lauren looks after the following: business manager in Carrie & Fran’s absence, accounts/finance, IT, personnel, order processing, quoting, customer service

Team 3

Suzy Fitt - Business Development Manager

Suzy brightens up the office on a cloudy day! She’s great at getting everyone excited about things and raring to go.  With her enthusiastic, client focused and dedicated nature she is extremely motivating and fun and always makes everyone laugh.
Suzy looks after Sales & New Business 

Alexandra Tompkins- Sales coordinator

Alexandra is super organised her desk (and hair) are always immaculate. She fits in perfectly with the team and she loves Tom Hardy!
Alexandra looks after quoting and order processing.

Support Team

Annie Martin - Marketing Executive

Annie is an energetic team player, that always gets stuck in and is willing to help. Her excitement is infectious, she’s sociable, fun, friendly, funny and dedicated to her work- she loves a good night out too!
Annie looks after; marketing, PR, website, trade shows, and the #ShoutShow

Celia Howarth- Supplier Coordinator

Celia has a bright outlook on life and brilliant banter. She is quick, positive and a great contributor! She is always willing to help, and uses her initiative. She’s also an exceptional coffee maker.
Celia manages our supplier relationships, arranges meeting and attending trade shows


Helen Garrick– Accounts

Helen always goes over and above her requirements. She is a lovely person to work with, she takes care of us and our office plants and  she always has time to teach us something about gardening or science!
Helen look after invoices and supplier payments

Hayley Lloydwillams – HR

Hayley is keen and dedicated. She is a lovely, friendly, reliable, professional, positive and happy member of the team who has already contributed greatly in the short while she has been here.
Hayley looks after; pensions, job descriptions, dealing with any HR issues & quarterly reviews.